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Tenants count on us to find the perfect location for their business and to negotiate the best terms. If you're looking
for office, retail, or industrial space, save time and money by working with an experienced professional who possess
a thorough knowledge of the market and has a proven record in lease negotiations. If you need space or are
thinking of moving, check out the many services we offer to tenants - free of charge!


Tenant Resource Center

Find vendors to assist
in your office relocation!



Thinking of moving?

We can help you find a new business location. Perhaps you need newer space, larger or smaller space, better
economics or a more functional business location. Here's how we can help:

  • Take time to understand your unique requirements
  • Provide up-to-date markets information: rates, space availability.
  • Provide checklists for effective property comparisons
  • Assist with architectural needs
  • Develop a winning negotiation strategy
  • Work with you through occupancy and beyond!


When it is time for you to renew your lease, we can save you money through negotiations to obtain leasing
concessions such as free rent, refurbishment and options. We will:

  • Review your current lease agreement
  • Advise you of money saving lease issues
  • Provide current comparable market data
  • Assist in documenting transaction
  • Negotiate on your behalf.

All at no cost to you!

Re-Negotiation and Subleasing

Do you have too much or too little space and still have time remaining on your lease? We can help. Maybe you can
renegotiate or sublet your space. You may have options you are not familiar with. I can help you analyze your
options. Before beginning any lease renegotiations or subleases, contact me today for a free consultation.
No cost and no obligation!