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Executing a Success Business Plan in 2016 12.15.15
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Getting Through San Francisco's Growing Pains 03.09.15
The Importance of Connections 03.02.15
New Innovation Center vs. the Eastern Neighborhood Zoning District 02.23.15
Asking Important Questions Upfront 02.12.15
Stubbornness and Execution -- Like Water and Oil 01.30.15
New Lease Announcement - 1005 Guerrero Street 01.27.15
Associated Realty of the Americas (AREA) Contributes Down Payment in Support of Special Olympics 01.23.15
Looking Into The Crystal Ball: What Does 2015 Have in Store For San Francisco Commercial Real Estate? 01.14.15
Starboard is pleased to announce a new home for TUGTUG, SF on Guerrero Street 01.05.15
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Where has our city's pride gone? 08.07.14
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New Formula Retail Restrictions in San Francisco Goes from Bad to Worst 05.23.14
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San Francisco: The Ever-Evolving, Ever-Growing City 04.25.14
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OBAMACARE Strikes A Small Business Nightmare 12.25.13
Minimum Wage Debate with Fast Food 12.18.13
The Importance of Understanding Culture as a Salesperson 12.12.13
How to Get Inspired 11.22.13
Starboard is pleased to announce the Lease and February opening of MAC Cosmetics in the Heart of Powell Street 11.19.13
Pulse Of The Market - Stats that make me bullish on SF residential for next 5 years 11.19.13
A Reminder of What a Great Career we have Chosen 11.08.13
More Proposed Formula Retail Measures In the Works for San Francisco 11.05.13
Andersen Bakery's newest location in San Francisco 10.24.13
What would a 10.18.13
What is your 3rd Quarter Grades? 09.25.13
Why is it Hard to Change? 08.29.13
The Hunter and the Haunted 07.19.13
The Art of Storytelling 07.15.13
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 115 - Transbay Terminal) 07.08.13
Thoughts on Cash Flow vs. Collateral Lending 07.04.13
Shortage of Labor and Supplies Could Stall San Francisco Growth 06.11.13
Formula Retail Restrictions in San Francisco 05.28.13
Reworking your Mind 05.23.13
Oakland, the East Bay & Commercial Real Estate 05.03.13
Is Mobile Technology Eliminating the Need for Office Space? 04.26.13
Bike vs. Car vs. Insanity 04.17.13
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 111 - Thoughts on San Francisco Parking) 04.03.13
Retail Zoning Changes Need to Occur Now 03.28.13
Doing Business with Today's Generation 03.24.13
San Francisco Commercial Market is off the Charts 02.27.13
New Mobile Apps to Increase Productivity 02.14.13
43,000 Units With Little or No Single Family Homes Coming to San Francisco 02.07.13
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 110 - Good for Sellers: Bad for Buyers) 02.05.13
Deal with the Present 01.23.13
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 109 - SOMA - The Second Coming) 01.07.13
Planning Commission Approves Western SoMa Plan with Changes 12.20.12
Expect Delays in Occupancy 12.05.12
Downtown San Francisco is Alive 12.04.12
Start Implementing New Years Resolutions Now! 11.20.12
Commercial Vacancy Rates and the Future of Jobs 11.09.12
The Little Engine That Could 10.23.12
To Mail or to Email? That is the Question 10.18.12
The Rent Disconnect 09.21.12
How Much Rent Can You Afford? 09.05.12
The KISS Principle 08.20.12
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 104 - Downtown) 08.02.12
Eastern Neighborhood Zoning Needs to Change Now 07.31.12
Words of Wisdom to Live By 07.23.12
How VC Funds and Investment Effect Commercial Real Estate 07.18.12
Why San Francisco is so Great 06.14.12
What's your Mid Term Grade? 06.12.12
Impact of Tech Growth on a Community if it Fails 06.06.12
Keeping up with the Joneses 05.11.12
Tale of Two Commercial Real Estate Markets 05.01.12
New Lease Announcement 04.23.12
Working the Occasional Deal 04.16.12
As Rental Rates Raise so do Tenant Improvements 03.12.12
Why Open Plan Layouts are becoming the Norm 02.27.12
Know what it Costs 02.20.12
The Threat of a Five Percent Office Vacancy 02.16.12
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 99 - Have we hit bottom yet?) 02.10.12
Third Time May be the Charm on Mid-Market 02.09.12
Contrary to Predictions, 2012 should be a Banner Year 01.09.12
Reduce Real Estate Costs and Increase Productivity by Consolidating Office Space 01.04.12
RealUp Announces Distribution Agreement with TradeAddresses 12.21.11
Gifts for Under the Tree to Enhance Production Next Year 12.13.11
Three Year Amnesty for Illegal Uses Ends January 19, 2012 12.12.11
Hype in Commercial Real Estate Values in San Francisco Could be the Next Shoe to Drop 11.29.11
West SOMA Planning Code Amendments Released 11.16.11
Streamlining the Tenant Improvement Process for Large Property Owners 11.14.11
Time to Get Ready for 2012 - The Importance of Goal Setting 11.10.11
Property Tax Increase is a Job Killer 11.02.11
"Group Housing" - An Old Concept that Could Provide Workforce Housing for the Middle Class? 10.27.11
Architectural Design Fees for Office Tenant Improvements 10.25.11
Trans-Canada Pipeline Stall: Example of How Politics Stop Jobs Growth 10.11.11
Tablet Applications to Make Your Workday More Efficient 10.06.11
How Good Design Increases Productivity 10.04.11
Football and Sales – It's all about the Fourth Quarter 10.03.11
San Francisco 4th Street Rezoning; New Applications to Relocate Billboards; New Stormwater Treatment Guidelines 09.29.11
Create Jobs by Reducing the Work Week 09.26.11
Recent Rezoning of Lots in Eastern Neighborhoods 09.14.11
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 94 - Investment? What a Quaint Idea!) 09.09.11
Could our Government Downgrade Kill Tech Growth in San Francisco? 09.08.11
Innovation in Retail Required 09.05.11
Finishing up the Year on a High Note 09.02.11
Design Considerations for Office Tenant Improvements 09.01.11
Lifestyle Exchanges and Exchanges for Portfolio Reallocation 08.09.11
It's about Jobs, Congress and the President 08.04.11
Mid Year Numbers Look Terrific 07.20.11
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 93 - Mission Bay: Great Opportunity - Tricky Market) 07.11.11
Natural Born Salespeople 07.06.11
Is the Next Commercial Real Estate Bubble Coming Soon? 06.27.11
Competitive Bidding on a Utility is a Bad Idea 06.23.11
San Francisco's Pending Mayor Race: Is Anybody Running? 06.21.11
Great Salespeople are Needed During Uncertain Times 06.13.11
Now is the Time to Sell in San Francisco 06.07.11
Could the key to the country's economic recovery be starting in San Francisco? 05.17.11
Window closing in January 2012 to legalize office space outside downtown, on lots no longer zoned for office 05.16.11
Winning Only to Lose 05.09.11
On This Issue City Hall Needs to be Proactive Not Reactive 04.28.11
Recent rezoning of lots in the Eastern Neighborhoods 04.15.11
Watch the Secondary Office Markets to See Real Recovery 04.12.11
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 90 - Feel Good and Feel Bad) 04.11.11
The One Factor 04.05.11
Take Your Head out of the Sand San Francisco 03.28.11
Feels like 1998 All Over Again 03.16.11
How to Succeed in Networking 03.08.11
It's all about the Present 02.14.11
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 88 - Seven Sisters Update) 02.08.11
Developers and Lenders: The Key to Stimulate the Economy 01.19.11
A Must-Tool for any Salesperson in 2011 01.12.11
"There's Something Positive Going On" 01.06.11
Nothing Normal About Deal flow in 2010 01.01.11
Come to the North Side for Cheaper Office Space 12.30.10
December: Time to go on vacation or time to kick it in 12.15.10
How to Plan a Year-End Move 12.07.10
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 86 - Wealth and Power) 12.03.10
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 85 - American Dreams) 11.05.10
Time to Throw out the Trash - Year is Ending 10.06.10
Small Business Key to Recovery Where is the Help? 09.21.10
Possible Empty Storefront Fine shows you how Out of Touch San Francisco Government is with its Business Community 08.24.10
Who is Hungry Anymore? 08.16.10
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 82 - Summer Reading) 08.13.10
Asking More Questions for New Business 07.14.10
Commercial Real Estate Still Stalled due to lack of Credit Options 06.29.10
Say Yes to Yourself and Laugh a Lot 06.17.10
San Francisco Needs to Pass a "Renters Tax" 06.09.10
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 80 - The Market Feels Squishy*!) 06.04.10
Startups are Back Looking for Short Term Leases 05.26.10
Distractions - A Salesperson's Biggest Fault 05.19.10
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 79 - Unintended Consequences) 05.10.10
Local Retailers are Calling for Space Again 05.06.10
The Power of Social Networking Sites and How Many do not Take Advantage of it 05.03.10
End of the 1st Quarter - So How Did You Do 04.28.10
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 78 - Where Are We In The Cycle?) 04.20.10
So Far So Good for Office Space Leasing in 2010 04.14.10
Become A Known Expert in your Field- Write Articles 03.25.10
TCN Worldwide, Climbing the Charts for the Second Consecutive Year, Ranks Once Again as One of the Industry's Top Brands 03.04.10
Lots of Money on the Sidelines 02.22.10
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 76 - Then and Now) 02.10.10
Commercial Real Estate 2010- Another Year of Uncertainty? 02.08.10
2009 is Over are you Still in the Business? 01.25.10
Vital Hours for California Business 12.02.09
Starboard TCN Retail Brokers Get Down and Dirty Working to Cleanup Mid-Market Street in San Francisco 11.24.09
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 73 - The Seven Sisters of San Francisco Condominiums) 11.13.09
The Do's and Don'ts for Startups looking for Office Space 11.11.09
Expanding your Business in a Soft Market 10.26.09
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 72 - It's About the Story) 10.22.09
The New Sales Office Layout 10.13.09
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 71 - To Buy or Not to Buy: That is the Question) 09.23.09
Servicing a Client for a Fee or Simply Servicing a Client 08.26.09
Starboard TCN Worldwide Announces Lease Modification Services 07.15.09
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 70 - I Want A Deal!) 06.22.09
Removing Commercial Real Estate from Prop 13 Protection is Simply a Bad Idea for Businesses 06.15.09
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 69 - Aftershocks) 06.01.09
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 68 - Amateur Psychologist) 05.11.09
Recent rezoning of lots in Eastern Neighborhoods 05.08.09
TCN Worldwide Ranked as One of The Top Brands in the Industry 05.06.09
The Power of the Word "No" and How You Deal with it in Your Life 04.27.09
What do You do when You are Overmatched? 04.06.09
Why Property Management Will Gain More Importance in a Down Market 03.16.09
Frozen? Time to Thaw Out 03.02.09
San Francisco Needs to Act Fast 02.17.09
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 66 - Robin Red-Breasts and Value) 02.09.09
The Magic Line is Back 02.02.09
2009 Will be All About Perception 01.12.09
Independent Firms Have Best Chance 01.05.09
"Uncertain Times" - Forget it ! 12.15.08
It Feels Like a Good End of the Year 12.08.08
A Time of Opportunity 11.24.08
“Uncertain Times” Forget it – it’s Opportunity Time 11.17.08
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 64 - Knock Knock - Who's There?) 11.12.08
“Don’t Worry Be Happy” 11.10.08
The Effects of San Francisco Health Care Tax 11.04.08
"Don't Worry Be Happy" 10.27.08
Read Between the Lines Bay Area--Office Market is Still Stable 10.20.08
No Appreciation On Your Sale - No Taxes? Think Again... 10.02.08
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 63 - 9.0 Worldwide Earthquake! San Francisco Survives) 10.01.08
Our "Me" Generation 10.01.08
Becoming a Servant Leader 09.15.08
New Subleases Will Not Necessarily Drop Rental Rates 09.08.08
Three Things in Life you can count On 08.25.08
The Art of an Office Deal in 2008 08.19.08
Staying Positive Through Uncertain Times 07.28.08
Revitalizing Retail in our Neighborhoods 07.21.08
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 61 - Got the Picture?) 07.04.08
Tech Firms and Startups Keep Bay Area Market Steady 07.01.08
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 60 - Turning 60) 06.09.08
How Gas Prices Could Effect Urban Markets 06.02.08
Vacancy Rates Remain Unchanged 05.12.08
Finally after 46 years 05.05.08
Pulse Of The Market (Pulse 59 - Quality Wins Out) 04.23.08
The Art of the Office Move in 2008 04.21.08
Brokers Wanted: Nice to be needed 04.07.08
When Things Go Bad- Go to Lunch 03.24.08
Musical Chairs with Office Space? 03.17.08
New Mobile Tools to Look At 02.25.08
Your New Year’s Resolutions to Succeed 01.07.08
Have You Met Your Sales Goals for the Year??? 11.12.07
Make Sure You Take Care of All Referrals 10.08.07
A Look at the Future of Office Space 09.24.07
Take Advantage of Promoting Civic Pride 09.10.07
Laying Out your Offices 08.20.07
Branch vs. Headquarters City 08.01.07
How do you Get Out of a Hole? 07.24.07
New Office Space Not Ready Yet? 07.09.07
Time for your Mid-Year Tune-Up 06.26.07
Why Major Price Differences Between Similar Buildings 06.18.07
A Labor of Love - The Chauvet Hotel 06.04.07
Mind and Body as One 05.29.07
New York and San Francisco Top U.S. Office Markets 05.14.07
Vacancy Rates Falling Faster than Expected 04.23.07
Learn from Your Elders 04.04.07
Communicate with the Right People in the Right Way 02.26.07
The 9% Vacancy Factor — The Best of All Worlds 12.04.06
Local Election Results Not Good For San Francisco Real Estate 11.20.06
The Three Parties in a Sublease 11.06.06
All Is Well Across the Country in Commercial Real Estate 10.16.06
Top Salespeople Get Help 10.09.06
Early Fall Office Market Will Determine 2006 Success 10.02.06
Office Rents Are the Best Deal in Town 09.25.06
The Landlord’s Dos and Don’ts of a Deal 09.11.06
Housing Market Effects On Commercial Market 08.28.06
Your Word Is Your Bond 08.14.06
San Francisco Must Add New Parking 07.31.06
Why Is Cold Calling so Difficult? 07.17.06
Looks Like a Typical Leasing Year 07.10.06
Is a Sales Career Insane? 06.19.06
Basic Terms in Commercial Real Estate 06.05.06
Baseball and Hair on a Real Estate Deal 05.08.06
Another San Francisco Office Boom? 04.24.06
Commercial Real Estate Firms Are Positive About 2006 04.10.06
Ten Reasons Why a Client Will Not Work with You 03.13.06
New Office Development Growth in San Francisco? 03.06.06
The Power of the Personal Connection 02.27.06
Bloomingdale’s Will Change the Face of Commercial Real Estate in San Francisco 02.06.06
Rating Your Performance & Making Changes 01.23.06
2006 Lease Renewal Tips 01.17.06
Tis the Season To Be Jolly—But What About the New Year? 01.03.06
How Higher Oil Prices could Effect Real Estate 08.22.05
Language Does Make a Difference 07.11.05
Where Is the Money? 07.05.05
Don’t Give up, Arnold 03.02.05
When Politics Collide with What Is Best for Our City 11.18.04
The Dog Days of Summer - A Great Time to Evaluate Yourself 08.04.04
High Improvement Costs Make It Difficult for Landlords to Deal 06.09.04
Mayor Newsom Should Implement a Zero-Based Budget Plan 05.26.04
Liens and the “Participating Owner” 06.19.03
The Value of an Attornment Agreement 05.29.03
Effective Waivers of Subrogation 03.06.03
The Tenant's Insurance 02.06.03